Tokyo Index

Tokyo Index

Buildings & Monuments

The Tokyo SkyTree and Solamachi Mall
The Tokyo International Forum
The Imperial Palace Tour
The Tokyo Tower and the World Trade Center
A Trip to the Kabuki-Za Theater
The Tokyo Stock Exchange
The Nikolai Cathedral in Kanda
The Skyscrapers of Shinjuku
The Rainbow Bridge


The Edo-Tokyo Museum
The Arakawa Tram and the Paper Museum
The Sumida Aquarium
The Nezu Museum
The Parasitological Museum of Meguro
The Miraikan Future Science Museum
The Taimeiken Restaurant & Kite Museum
The Hara Museum of Contemporary Art
The Studio Ghibli Museum
The Shinyokohama Ramen Museum

Neighborhoods – Center & East

The Ginza Stroll
The Streets of Ryogoku
Tokyo Station and Marunouchi
The Historic Neighborhood of Fukagawa
Ningyocho – The Doll Town District
The Jimbocho Book District & Crime Museum

Neighborhoods – North

Asakusa Amusements
Shopping Fever in Ikebukuro
Komagome and the Rikugi-en Gardens

Neighborhoods – South

Yumenoshima, Also Known as Dream Island
Atago Hill and the NHK Broadcast Museum
Odaiba Island
Nagatacho, Ark Hills and the Hie Shrine
Other Sights of Odaiba Island
In and Around Tokyo Midtown
The View from Roppongi Hills

Neighborhoods – West

The Architecture and Glamour of Omotesando
Shibuya Crossing and Hachiko
Our Favorite Shibuya Sights
The Seedy Pleasures of East Shinjuku
Chilling with the Cool Kids of Shimokita

Food & Restaurants

Asakusa’s Owl & Parakeet Cafe
Dinner Behind Bars at Alcatraz E.R.
Our Introduction to Kaiseki at Tofuya-Ukai
Sensei of Slurp: Making Soba with a Master
The Robot Restaurant
Eating in Tokyo: Our Favorite Foods

Photo Reportages

Pooped Out In Tokyo
Why Is Tokyo So Cute?
Tokyo at Night

Temples & Shrines

Sensō-ji Temple
The Meiji Shrine
The Temples of Meguro
Zojo-ji and the Shiba Garden
Fukagawa’s Fudo-do Temple and Tomioka Hachiman Shrine
Sengaku-ji and the 47 Ronin
The Beckoning Cats of Gotoku-ji Temple
Bunkyo Azalea Festival at the Nezu Shrine

Parks & Gardens

The Hamarikyu Detached Palace Gardens
The Earthquake Memorial Park and Kyu Yasuda Garden
Hibiya Park & The Outer Palace Gardens
A Perfectly Normal Day in Yoyogi Park
The Rinkai Disaster Preparation Park
Happo-en: The Garden of Eight Views
The Giant Pandas of Ueno Zoo
The Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
Sega Joypolis

Shopping & Markets

The Tsukiji Fish Market
The Plastic Foods of Kappabashi
Ameyoko Shopping Street
Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City
Cosplay at Tokyo Big Sight
Weird Japanese Candy
The Ooedo Onsen Monogatari Spa

History & Culture

A Concise History of Tokyo
The Golden Dragon Dance of Senso-Ji
Sakura, Sakura: The Cherry Blossoms of Tokyo
Look at You! You Think You’re Ready for Harajuku!
Japanese Baseball and the Yakult Swallows
Pachinko: Lost Your Money, Losing Your Mind
A Sumo Training Session
Folding Paper at the Origami Kaikan
The Summer Sumo Tournament
The Yomiuri Giants & Tokyo Dome City
The Sanja Matsuri in Asakusa

Day Trips

A Trip to Kawagoe
Other Sights in Kawagoe
A Trip to Yokohama
Yokohama’s Chinatown
The Modern Side of Yokohama
Escape from Tokyo: A Trip to Hakone
The Mount View Hakone Ryokan Hotel
Across and Above Lake Ashinoko


Konnichiwa, Tokyo!
After One Month in Tokyo
Meet the Tokyoites
Sayonara, Tokyo